A place to begin your search for instructional methods, syllabi, and links to some beginning resources on integrating ethics into your course, research project, or workshop.

Case Study Method

Cases studies have long been a key tool in ethics education. They can be used to initiate class discussions, made into technical problems that can be integrated into technical problem sets, or be integrated into workshops or laboratory meetings.

Case Study Collection in the EEL. Includes cases from engineering, science, medicine, business, computer science, psychology and many other fields.

Articles on using the case study method for teaching ethics. Includes information on writing cases, choosing cases for use, and suggestions of instructional methods that can be used in different disciplines.

International Dimensions of Ethics in Science and Engineering Case studies developed by the Science, Technology and Society Initiative at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Includes cases for classroom and online use, as well as information for instructors on how to effectively use cases in university courses.

Responsible Conduct of Research

Responsible Conduct of Research in the Ethics Education Library Launches a search for all teaching resources on the responsible conduct of research. Be sure to do a topical search for issues such as collaboration, data management, peer review and authorship as well other topics to increase the relevancy of your search results.

Office of Research Integrity RCR Resources A large collection of case studies, essays, videos of lectures and other materials on the responsible conduct of research.

Online Ethics Center Resources A collection of useful essays, case studies, teaching tools and bibliographies by the National Academy of Engineering's Online Ethics Center. Includes materials suitable for science and engineering classrooms.

Resources for Research Ethics Education An excellent compilation of resources on teaching research ethics put together by the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics' Responsible Conduct of Research Education Consortium.

Teaching Research Ethics Workshop This workshop, offered yearly by the Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions at Indiana University, focuses on helping instructors learn effective methods for teaching students of all levels about the many ethical issues raised in the practice of research.

Teaching Ethics - General Methods and Advice

Ethics Across the Curriculum The Center for the Study of Ethics at IIT hosted a series of workshops on integrating ethics into university courses from 1997-2003. This web site includes a detailed synopsis of the week-long workshop, advice on out to utilize case studies and codes of ethics for teaching purposes, a list of readings and detailed bibliographies, as well as examples of lesson plans and problem sets developed by workshop participants.